Hello everyone, welcome to our website. We allow some talented users to use their own content. Do you want to be a writer?

        Our site uses WordPress infrastructure. We recommend that people who want to add their content to the site also use this platform. Because it’s simple, convenient and straightforward. This is why we have not integrated any membership plug-ins into the site. You will use WordPress whenever you wish to log in. The application is also available, so you don’t have to log in just from the computer. You’ll be more comfortable sending your content.

When posting your content on the site:

  1. You can share your own social media accounts any way you want. That way you can get more recognition. There are no restrictions in any way.
  2. We want you to use intimate language. The world is formal and boring enough. You can write in your own way. For example, our site administrator loves to talk philosophically. Philosophy and food ?.. 🙂
  3. And lastly: Think differently, be different.

What to look out for when creating a user:

  1. Each letter of your user name must be an English character. For example: you cannot type ‘KırmızıKuş’.
  2. You can’t use spaces. For example: ‘New User’

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After creating the user: you can type and enter. Or you can download and use WordPress from your phone. The choice is yours. Have a good day!

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