WhatsApp Online, Last Seen and Writing

Last seen on Whatsapp, Online and Writing…

Last seen on Whatsapp, Online and Writing…

Last seen on Whatsapp, Online and Writing… Yes, it’s on most people’s agenda right now; is WhatsApp the last to be seen? Whatsapp online info left? Has the WhatsApp” writes ” Image been removed? There are questions in the form. As of now, WhatsApp: is writing, online and has removed the last seen information. 

WhatsApp Online, Last Seen and Writing

Has WhatsApp made a statement?

WhatsApp has not made any statement on the matter. A lot of conspiracy theories are already starting to spin on social media… WhatsApp has repeated this situation before. He removed the specifics without making any statement. He doesn’t have to explain anyway. 

Why is WhatsApp on the agenda?

The user is always the consumer. The manufacturer is there to please. So consumers don’t own the app. So WhatsApp doesn’t have to make any statement. But we humans have a bad habit. Especially in these kinds of changes. That shows how dependent we are on social media tools and the internet.  

Facebook Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, VK, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Pinterest, such as we use many social media tools. And rest assured, we are dependent on many of them. These kinds of changes may be to gauge our response. I’m not sure, but there’s a fact. Our age is the age of technology. We need to pay attention. A statement came as we were writing this. According to the statement from WhatsApp: 

It’s a server-based error.

Like I said, Let’s not get addicted to social media. We’re consumers of practices, not slaves! Thank you in advance for everyone who has read it… Have a nice day. 

(I’ve wanted to publish this kind of writing for a long time. So, today was that day.)


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